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I need to make a custom slider with images (same images on all pages) in a template I am crafting for a client. Each of the slides could have a link to one of the pages. How and where should I store images, so the client will have no problem adding them or changing links?

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Have you tried searching for a slider plugin? You should show some kind of research effort when asking a question. – icc97 Jul 24 '13 at 6:27

There are a lot of slider pluglins in wordpress repository such http://wordpress.org/plugins/slide-show-pro/, just follow the install steps. then use the shortcodes like [slideshowpro cats=2,3] or the code to integrate into php
php echo do_shortcode('[slideshowpro cats=2,3]');
insert the code in header.php to show the slider on every single page or post

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