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Please advice a google picasa plug that will have similar to original look, but with more styles or that will simply look better.

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Hands Down best one i have use is Picasa Express x2

  • Use Picasa user to get albums ( username can be stored in settings )
  • Show albums cover and name for get images.
  • Images from album with caption or filename for selection
  • Select and insert single image or banch for gallery.
  • Enhanced Private Picasa albums after granting access via Google service
  • WordPress MU support - sidewide activation, users, roles
  • Gallery shortcodes for selected images or for get all images from Picasa album

Additionaly setting is managing:

  • Image link: none, direct, Picasa image page, thickbox,lightbox and highslide with gallery
  • Sorting images in dialog and in inserted gallery
  • Caption under image or/and in image/link title
  • Alignment for images and gallery
  • Additional style or CSS classes for images and gallery
  • Define Roles which capable to use the plugin
  • Switch from blog to user level for store Picasa user and private access token

And by design:

  • Support native WordPress image and link dialog for alignment, caption, description, style and CSS class
  • Thumbnail images size defined in WordPress native properties
  • Multilanguage support

Another good one would be Picasa Albums which uses the new "custom post types" feature.

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