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How can I hide a div (which contains an image) for a specific WordPress page?

I believe my page id is 46:

enter image description here

Here is the div I am trying to change:

<div id="static-footer-image" style="position:absolute; bottom: -15px; z-index: 501;">
    <img src="images/background-bottom.png"/>

And the associated CSS code in my main CSS file:

#static-footer-image body.page-id-46 { 
     display: none; 

It is still showing. What do I do to fix this?

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Your CSS rule is backwards, body is not a child of #static-footer-image, it should be body.page-id-46 #static-footer-image – Milo Jul 23 '13 at 15:21
thanks, but it is still showing. – David Tunnell Jul 23 '13 at 15:27
are you sure about the page id? inspect the body tag on rendered html code for that page and confirm please. – aldo.roman.nurena Jul 31 '13 at 5:58
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Guess from the URL structure, your %postname% permalink structure is active. So, a bit of internal CSS can help alternatively, and the syntax is in_page('page_slug'):

<?php // Do action only on specific page in WP ?>
<?php if( in_page('resourses') ) { ?>
      display: none;
<?php } ?>
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this is adding unnecesary load to the server, I would go for M-R's answer – aldo.roman.nurena Jul 31 '13 at 5:54
I do agree. Sure, he's right. – Mayeenul Islam Jul 31 '13 at 10:04

Use following CSS

body.page-id-46 #static-footer-image { 
     display: none; 

and make sure "page-id-46" class is applied to body tag and Clear the cache. May be try on another browser or a incognito window.

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If that's the page ID, the selector should be

body#page-id-46 #static-footer-image


body.page-id-46 #static-footer-image
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nope, WP renders <body class="page page-id-28 page-template ..."> for me, so that's a class – aldo.roman.nurena Jul 31 '13 at 5:53

You may have a display:something in css so you may try

body.page-id-46 #static-footer-image { 
     display: none !important; 
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