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I'm currently using WP-DB-Backup to backup my WordPress database. I let this plugin send me an email which has a sql.gz attachment. But I've just realized that this is not enough. I also need to backup my files.

What I want

  • A complete backup in one archive (one file)
    • This should also be easy or even better automatic (once a week)
    • The files should be automatically tested for consistency (I don't want to be in the situation that I think I have a backup and when I need it I realize that the file is broken)
  • A possibility to restore such a backup only by telling a program which archive to use and what the FTP / MySQL credentials are


  • My current privider limits PHP execution time to 60 seconds
  • I can access the server only by FTP
  • I can access the database only with the database credentials (so: I think I can't use mysql by console. I tried mysql --host=mysql.myprovider.de --user=myUsername --password myPassword and got prompted for a password, but I got ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql.myprovider.de' (110))


Is there a Linux "client" that allows me to backup my WordPress site (and possible allows me to create a cronjob to do so)?

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