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I was wondering if it is possible to put in the code that you want something to display if there is content in the metabox.

I have a metabox in the post type projects, In this metabox, the customer can fill in the website of the project, this is showing in a div. If the customer doesn't fill in anything i want the div to dissapear.

It had to be something like isset i think.

What I had in mind

if (get_meta = true){
<div class="websitebutton"><?php meta('website-link-project'); ?></div>
//nothing happens

But that's incorrect, just an idea of how i think it can be. I searched alot around on the internet, but can't find the answer.

I created the meta boxes with the morefields plugin.

Does someone has an idea of how i can get this work

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Under the premise, that website-link-project is the key of the postmeta in question and you know the post's ID (or this being in The Loop, respectively):

    /* store post ID and metadata in variables */
    $postid = get_the_ID();
    $website_link = get_post_meta( $postid, 'website-link-project', true );

    /* output some HTML on the condition of $website_link being meaningful */
    if ( ! empty( $website_link ) ) {
        echo '<div class="websitebutton">' . $website_link . '</div>';

The above might work as is, depending on whether my assumptions were correct.
Note that I don't know the plugin you are using at all.

get_the_ID will only work within The Loop, if you're somewhere else, you'll have to grab the ID from elsewhere as well.

get_post_meta is WP's native function for retrieval of post metadata. Your plugin might provide additional ones.

As for the conditional in the above:
PHP's empty pretty much does what its name tells you - it checks whether a variable is considered "empty" ('' a string with no characters, array() empty array, NULL, false, 0 integer zero, and such). Since we want the condition to be evaluated to true if the variable is not empty, we negate the expression with a !.

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Thank you very much, that worked great! – Maartje Jul 22 '13 at 12:24

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