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I have default wp installation with buddypress and some of it's plugins loaded.

I want to combine and minify my js files so I found this little plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/js-css-script-optimizer/

here is an error it outputs: desc

I tryed excluding some of this plugins, until I've got to nothing and even in that manner it does not work.

I also tryied playing with options like including in the bottom and not combining it or not using Dean Edwards's default JavaScript Packer. no success.

changed theme to default bp and to twenty twelve.

then disabled all the plugins until I've got the last one "buddypress" which was outputing the same error but now with buddypress.js file located in legacy-template

Any suggestions why it's broking? before this plugin I also tried WP Minify, which didn't work as well.

Please ask for any additional data you might need for consideration

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When I was using WP a few months ago I never had luck with the minify this or that plugins. Maybe I just kept trying the wrong ones or something but I just gave up on those. What I ended up doing is just using one of those online tools. I really like the UglifyJS library and found a tool online that uses it at www.blimptontech.com . The nice thing is you can combine files on there as well if needed. For the files I combine I just go into the WP code and remove the ones I combined and add in my new singular compressed file. You get a little bit of obfuscation as well when you use UglifyJS for the library to minify your java script.

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"... I just go into the WP code..."-- this fix requires a Core Hack? –  s_ha_dum Jul 22 '13 at 23:13
I would not really say mine is a fix, just another method of minifying the java script. But yes anytime you modify source code it would be a "Core Hack". Just my preferred method from my experiences. –  Gert Jul 23 '13 at 10:48

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