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I’m absolutely fine with native wp 3.5 gallery, I’ve styled it to my needs and it’s awesome. But what I’m trying to figure out now is there any way to add one more native gallery with different layout and style? I need it for sortable portfolio.

I want to add “create portfolio” option in media upload window, along with "insert media", "create gallery" and "set featured image"

After that it’s almost the same as gallery, apart from there are some custom fields for every selected image and layout is different. Output in post editor will be similar to a gallery shortcode:

[portfolio link="file" size="medium" columns="5" ids="1,2,3,4 "]

The reason why I want to do it is because it’s much better to use native uploader for any kind of gallery, it’s less complicated to users.

I couldn’t find anything similar on the web, so, please, if anybody have some thoughts about in which direction to look & what to start from, I would appreciate a lot.

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