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Is it possible? I'm using _S framework and I'm intending 2 different layouts for the index page appearance of my post's - one with a large image appearing first, under which I want the post-header and the rest of it - e.g. [image] [title] [etc]

the second layout is with an image to one side, with the rest of the post to one side of it e.g. [post content with title at the top][image]

One way i can think of doing this would be as follows -

I'm thinking if i wrote in some php with if tag is "" then hide {header contents} on the header section, and then add another line above the current php for post contexts reading if tag is "" then show. Would this work? or do you have any suggestions?

But since the second layout will be the bulk of my post types most likely I may set that layout as default via css. In which case would it be possible to use php rules on tags to change it so that attached image goes from appearing along the side of the post contents (including title etc) to above it, and at a large size whilst at the same time changing the css of the post content?

Finally I may want to hide the tag ill use to set the post to a more stacked layout, is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any answers/suggestions.

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What is the _S Framework? Edit your post with a link to the download page or home page. –  Charles Clarkson Jul 23 '13 at 20:58
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