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Is it possible to use WordPress as the CMS but all of contents will be displayed using CodeIgniter?

What I want to know also if I can use the WordPress functions by simply including this wp-blog-header.php in the CodeIgniter.

Do you guys think this idea will work?

Probably one of the function I really need is apply_filters()

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You can install CI as a theme or a directory in a theme. Then load the files in the theme’s functions.php and create the output with CI. You can use all the WordPress code here.

As far as I’m aware there will be no conflicts between CodeIgniter’s reserved names and WordPress.

But I am not so sure about the usefulness of this combination. You will not need most of CI’s code, because WordPress handles that already.

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To agree with the answer above, I think it would defeat the purpose of using WordPress as A CMS. CodeIgniter is a framework used to developed dynamic sites in PHP. It is not a CMS for displaying content. WordPress is better built for such a task. You could however build out your site using CodeIgniter.

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