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For my surprise today i see wordpress put bad the hour

In settings i have the hour of my country , France and City Paris

And today i try for create one function the php date function for show the date

echo date("dmY");

For my surprise as i tell until , see wordpress change my php time and put day 19 and change the hour and no show the real time actually

If the same code insert in other site - no use wordpress - and the date show right , day 20

How it´s possible wordpress change native function of php and show when runnning this thedate of php , by other side in settings of wordpress i se utc different hour to local time , utc show 19 and local time show 20

I don´t understan all this .....

Thank´s for the help

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Did you go to Settings >> General and set the correct offset for your timezone?

To get the date:
<?php $date = get_the_time('dmY', $post->ID); ?>

To print the date:
<?php the_date('dmY'); ?>

Both need to be within the Loop!

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the problem it´s with setting of wordpress and need change the line 36 for show right the date() core funtion of php : //date_default_timezone_set( 'UTC' ); if ( !function_exists( 'date_default_timezone_set' ) ) date_default_timezone_set( 'UTC' ); – Fran Jul 20 '13 at 2:11
@fran : no, the right answer is not to hack a core file. – s_ha_dum Jul 20 '13 at 4:45
I think that no hack the code , those words no agree for me , only access to the wp-settings no touch all core and if you know the core you know this right , wordpress it´s very good but in this case for me yes it´s necessary change this line of code because i have one script writte by me and i can´t change all script for one line and because wordpress no let some as the core of php works fine – Fran Jul 20 '13 at 4:53

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