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I have installed Thesis theme. The default permalink structure is BLOGURL/%postid%/ When I change it to BLOGURL/%postname%/, I can't access the pages.

I have modified .htaccess file and the "nav_bar function" as well.

Can somebody help me out? I can't figure out the redirection error.

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Perhaps posting the contents of your .htaccess would folks troubleshoot it. – Jakobud Jun 17 '10 at 20:02
@Jagira - Changing permalinks in Thesis is pretty straightforward. What made you think to change htaccess and the nav_bar function? – Ray Mitchell Feb 28 '11 at 20:18

first set it to default url & see whether eveything is right, then delete all text in .htaccess & add the new url format you need & save & get .htaccess updated & see your site

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You can do it using .htaccess but I would take a look at WP Rewrite Class , it may also be what you're looking for for this kind of thing.


As the rewrite rules are a crucial part of your weblog functionality, WordPress allows plugins to hook into the generation process at several points. rewrite_rules(), specifically, contains nine filters and one hook for really precise control over the rewrite rules process. Here's what you can filter in rewrite_rules(): To filter the rewrite rules generated for permalink URLs, use post_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for dated archive URLs, use date_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for category archive URLs, use category_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for search URLs, use search_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for the latest comment feed URLs, use comments_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for author archive URLs, use author_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for your Pages, use page_rewrite_rules. To filter the rewrite rules generated for the root of your weblog, use root_rewrite_rules. To filter the whole lot, use rewrite_rules_array. The action hook generate_rewrite_rules runs after all the rules have been created. If your function takes a parameter, it will be passed a reference to the entire $wp_rewrite object.

Hope this helps..

EDIT: Added this link in here as it may help you out as well with what you're trying to accomplish. http://www.dev4press.com/2012/tutorials/wordpress/practical/how-wordpress-url-rewriting-works/

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Thanks for the late answer to a two year old question. +1 – Brian Fegter Sep 28 '12 at 21:40

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