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I want insert relative paths to parts of my website but impossible in personal menus , because add always http:// from wordpress

For example if my website it´s : http:// domain.com and i want put other links , personal link from admin for show relative path i put this


If works fine the result in public front website show this http://mydomain.com/websites/personals/ , but no wordpress add the http

If i go and put in personal links /websites/personal/ ok no add http:// but result in front it´s url wrong and show as this : http://websites/personals/

By this , this kind of problem no let me put the links right , ther are some way for fix this , and no no want put internal links pages i need this in this way because i have modifications in wordpress and no only go to relative path also i need include string in url for access and i need option add and no add http in each link by wordpress

Thank´s regards !!!

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What is a 'personal link'? –  vancoder Jul 17 '13 at 21:27
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