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I am trying to work with a Multisite install of WordPress and modify the default "child" blogs in the network. The details are:

-I have a main site built on Commons in a Box (CBOX) which is a modified version of BuddyPress which allows users to register and then create groups.

-If a user creates a group, he/she has the option of creating a "group blog" (It is a BuddyPress orientated plugin) that is tied to the group and is essentially a new WordPress blog within the the main site.

!!!The Problem!!!

-I want the default installation to be different than the normal WordPress "hello world" post, sample page, etc.

Mainly, I would like to minimize most of the admin menu options so that users do not see them, i.e. more user friendly and less work if something goes wrong.

I already have the ability to set the default theme for the new installations and so I was wondering if I should use a plugin for this or a child theme or something else?

I saw this plugin, Adminimize, and was wondering if I could use it some way as a default plugin for a new install, with all of the options set and the plugin menu hidden.

I am also trying to use CommentPress for the new sites which has a built-in theme as well as other quirks.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The Plugin Adminimize did not work for me since I was using a multisite (MU) install. Instead I used the functions.php file of my theme to write custom code which accessed the remove node function in WordPress. Custom CSS finished the job.

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Please add an explanation to your answer. – toscho Jul 15 '13 at 16:48

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