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Hopefully someone can help. I am looking to add a different image banner to each of the profile group tabs I have on my Buddypress site. I have identifed the profile-loop.php as the file I need to include this on but when I try the following code it breaks the profile section of my site:

<?php if ( bp_the_profile_group_name() == 'About') ) : ?> 


<?php endif; ?>

Can anyone suggest how I might target the About group on my site and insert custom HTML?


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I am not sure if i've understood the requirement correctly. Check this link and let me know if that's what is required screencloud.net/v/g5kq – webdwall Jul 14 '13 at 19:39
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Think I have figured out how best to work this. For anyone that may need it sometime the code I used was:

<?php if ( 1 == bp_get_the_profile_group_id()) : ?>

<h4>About Me</h4>

<?php endif; ?>

With 1 == the profile tab where I need to add my custom HTML. If anyone has a better solution I am open to them. Thanks.

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