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How to set a Static page (example Sample Page with every WordPress install) as default fron page for every newly created site on multisite network. I mean when a new user creates a site on my multisite network a Page with custom name sets as front page automatically. Please tell me how to accomplish that.

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1) To set Your first page you can add new page as home.php in your directory. Wordpress by default take home.php as its first page if it is declared.

2) Go to settings->Reading->Front page display. You can set here your front page which will display when your site open.

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Try the following code. Based on these two Q&A's (not tested):

add_action( 'wpmu_new_blog', 'process_extra_field_on_blog_signup', 10, 6 );

function process_extra_field_on_blog_signup( $blog_id, $user_id, $domain, $path, $site_id, $meta ) {
    $homepage = get_page_by_title( 'Sample Page' );   
    if ( $homepage )
        update_blog_option( $blog_id, 'page_on_front', $homepage->ID );
        update_blog_option( $blog_id, 'show_on_front', 'page' );

Use it as a Must Use plugin.

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