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Ok guys. I am not a WordPress or much of a PHP man. I know I need to be but I wasn't raised that way. I ran into a problem lately. Our Facebook like button won't show up. I don't know why. We are using jetpack version 2.3.1 and the tweet and Google plus button work fine. I can see that the Facebook iFrame button is there but it is empty. I inspect it with chrome and find that the URL for that, when I open it in a new window, shows me nothing. Any ideas? I've tried installing the 'Facebook Like Button' plug in but that didn't show up and I can't seem to find a good source. I've been searching around for a few days now.

Here is the URL from one of the posts that is in the Facebook iFrame button https://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?api_key=&locale=en_US&sdk=joe%E2%80%A6ton_count&colorscheme=light&show_faces=false&extended_social_context=false

Here is the site I'm working on: Site

I believe the problem lies with this code here:

<div class="like_btn">
<fb:like href="<?php echo urlencode(get_permalink($post->ID)); ?>" layout="button_count" show_faces="false" width="100" font=""></fb:like>
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I see the like buttons on your site just fine. Are you running any sort of extension in your browser that blocks Facebook? If so, it'll block that like button too. –  Otto Jul 13 '13 at 2:27
I figured it out late friday night after I posted this. The problem was u urlencode(get_permalink($post->ID)) I needed to remove urlencode function and it worked just fine –  jkw4703 Jul 15 '13 at 17:37

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