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I wanted to display the filesize of a document (pdf, word, excel etc) from a custom field. I already search and I found nothing. I got this code from other site but its in PHP. So I add it manually to my theme.

if($kpmFile !== get_post_custom_values("kpm_UploadFile")) {
$head = array_change_key_case(get_headers($kpmFile, TRUE));
echo $filesize = $head['content-length'];

I get this warning from above code:

Warning: get_headers() [function.get-headers]:

But if I make it like this:

if($kpmFile !== get_post_custom_values("kpm_UploadFile")) {
$head = array_change_key_case(get_headers("http://example.net/publications/Wellspring-of-Hope.pdf", TRUE));
echo $filesize = $head['content-length'];

The code will show the filesize in 44147474 which the file is actually 42.1MB

I need help on how to display the correct file size of the document in kb, mb or gb from custom field value.

Thanks in advance.

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44147474 / 1024^2 = 42.1 --> simply divide by 1024 twice to go from bytes to MB... – Johannes Pille Jul 12 '13 at 21:40
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function to handle to show file size i.e.

paste this code in functions.php

 * @param string $fileSize Filepath
 * @param int $digits Digits to display
 * @return string|bool Size (KB, MB, GB, TB) or boolean

function getFilesize($fileSize, $digits=2) {
    $sizes = array("TB","GB","MB","KB","B");
    $total = count($sizes);
    while ($total-- && $fileSize > 1024) {
        $fileSize /= 1024;
return round($fileSize, $digits)." ".$sizes[$total];

paste this code in single.php

if($kpmFile !== get_post_custom_values("kpm_UploadFile")) {
$head = array_change_key_case(get_headers("http://example.net/publications/Wellspring-of-Hope.pdf", TRUE));
echo $filesize = getFilesize($head['content-length']);
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Thanks Ravs, sorry I forgot to mention that I am not good in PHP. I actually stumbled to that code but I dont know how to integrate the custom field. – MightyGas Jul 12 '13 at 19:19
answer updated check it and give a try – Ravinder Kumar Jul 12 '13 at 19:25
It display blank. Correct me if im wrong, the $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].$filePath; will display as "var/home/etc" right? but in my customfield is in "example.com/thefile.pdf"; Maybe thats is why in display blank? Thanks – MightyGas Jul 12 '13 at 19:36
$kpmFile is it filepath url? print the output print_r($kpmFile) and share the result – Ravinder Kumar Jul 12 '13 at 19:42
Yes the $kpmFile is the file path. I tried print_r still show blank. :( – MightyGas Jul 12 '13 at 20:06

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