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I am using custom taxonomy plugin. And I have custom Post type "Product".

When I am creating new taxonomy "home and garder Appliances Washin" and attaching it to Post or "Product" it's not registering with these while If I am adding just "home and garder Appliances Washi" and attaching with either Post or Product it is working fine.

Is there any length restriction when Creating Custom Taxonomies?

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Okay I got the solution.There is a limit of 32 characters , we can not register more taxonomy whose length is more than 32 characters. codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_taxonomy – Bhuvnesh Gupta Jul 11 '13 at 9:17

There are some restrictions (caused by lengths of some columns in database).


  • Taxonomy name - 32 characters
  • Term name (and term slug) - 200 characters


  • Post type name - 20 characters
  • Post name (slug) - 200 characters
  • Meta key - 255 characters


  • Option name - 64 characters


  • Commenter email - 100 characters
  • Commenter url - 200 characters
  • Comment meta key - 255 characters


  • User login - 60 characters
  • User nicename - 50 characters
  • User meta key - 255 characters
  • User email - 100 characters
  • User url - 100 characters
  • User display name - 250 characters
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