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I've been searching for the solution to this for a while and now I'm looking here to get some help. The issue I'm having is that on one of the WordPress sites that I manage, I have been receiving the following message when attempting to upgrade the Core WordPress files or any of my Plugins:

Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.5.2-partial-1.zip

Unpacking the update…

Could not create directory.: /httpdocs

Installation Failed

I have tried running chmod 777 on the wp-content directory as well as the root public_html directory (which I know is not at all secure). This is the ONLY site that has been giving me issues out of approximately 20 sites.

The servers are all VPS servers running the latest distro of CentOS with Apache, MySQL and the latest version of PHP.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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This is not a WordPress question, this is related to your OS systems group and file permissions, also wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/2200/… –  Wyck Jul 7 '13 at 3:44
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