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I'm attempting to create a custom field on my page creation that allows a user to choose which menu to display on the page. Right now I have my custom meta field setup, but can't figure out how to make a drop down menu of the available menus. Is there a function that I could use and then for loop though?


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It is not intuitive but get_terms will do it, if I understand what you need.

var_dump(get_terms( 'nav_menu'));

If you look in the *_term_taxonomy table you can see why. The menus are stored as a taxonomy named nav_menu.

This won't get you things like page menus, only the intentionally created menus.

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If you prefer a code-based solution, the one from s_ha_dum is perfectly valid.

A out-of-the-box solution based on a plugin without any code editing would be ACF with Nav Menu Field extension.

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