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I've found this great plugin Custom Post Type Permalinks by a Japenese developer which is awesome at generating hierarchical permalink structures for Custom Post Types. Only I'm having an issue which I cannot get around and am looking for a solution.

I have a custom post type classes and a taxonomy classes_categories (ex: languages, technology, sciences...)

The links generated by WordPress for the 'classes_categories' look like this:


I would like them to be like this:


Strangely, both of the URL's work but I would like WordPress to generate them without 'class_categories' in the URL.

I'm looking for a solution which would involve either plugin configuration, my taxonomy declaration parameters or perhaps a workaround with a hook or something (maybe parse the URL when they a being rewritten).

thank you

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I managed to find a way to fix this by toying with my Custom Post Type and Taxonomy registrations.

In register_post_type properties:

'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'classes' ),

In register_taxonomy properties:

'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'classes', 'with_front'=> false ),

I now have a clean structure where http://site.com/classes/ points to the post type archive template, http://site.com/classes/languages/ points to the taxonomy archive template and http://site.com/classes/languages/french/ points to the post template

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I am the author of Custom Post Permalinks.

The Permalink like


is impossible.

Because, /languages/ is unable to determine term_name or post_name.

Sorry. But I want to achieve.

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Hi Hiroshi, like I mentioned, I was able to achieve this with simple configuration. In the plugin options, I set the classes strcuture to /%class_categories%/%postname%/. Then in the registration parameters, I set the rewrite parameters as described above. DM me on Twitter @seb2point0 if you would like more info on how I did this. – Sebastien Jul 10 '13 at 7:58

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