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With WP 3.1, as we all know, the admin bar is a new feature on your blog when you are logged in as an administrator, but for some reason on my theme, the admin bar is not there. In it's place is a grey bar about 30 pixels tall (matching my pages background color).

What could be hiding it? If it's useful, the theme is at wphax.com

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Check footer.php and make sure it contains <?php wp_footer(); ?>.

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In addition to making sure footer.php contains <?php wp_footer(); ?>, I had a situation where, when designing a custom theme, the bar disappeared. After undoing some of my code changes and not getting joy, I ended up doublechecking that the checkboxes for the bar were checked under "Profile," and then I had to log out and then log back in to get it to reappear.

This was with stock version 3.1 and an in-development theme.

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