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I have installed wordpress in a sub-directory /wordpress and built an entire website within.

I am now pushing the site live and instead of updating all images and links after moving wordpress into the root directory, I decided to try leaving wordpress in /wordpress and changing the site URL to /

This seems to have worked well (after copying index.php into root) however, I have one major problem:

All links that have been inserted within posts still have /wordpress in them which all now redirect to a 404 page.

Am I missing something?

The whole reason I didn't move the whole site into the root directory was because I didn't want to have to update all the URL's and image links however it appears that I still have to, sort of defeating the purpose?

Is this correct behaviour? What is the easiest solution without updating every post?

http://www.makingtrackscampers.com.au/ which is installed on /wordpress - click any link in the content text, it goes to e.g. /wordpress/camper-trailers/

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You please mention the URLs with something like: example.com/wordpress etc. but in details. Your question is ambiguous. At least, not clear to me. –  Mayeenul Islam Jun 29 '13 at 5:37
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