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This could very well be a stupid question, but I'm working on a WordPress theme (check the link to see what I'm talking about, then read on)...

You'll see the Post Formats icons are surrounded by a white circle, which has a border color matching the custom background color. I know that Live Preview includes background color by default, but I'm wondering how to change this border color with the background color, as they need to match.

Really, I just need to know what setting I need to use with postMessage, or if such a mechanism is possible at all.

Thanks for any and all help! I know it's a quite unique situation, since I can't find anything remotely close to the topic here, on Codex, or Google, or anywhere.

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If you're using the built in custom background stuff, it's already all using postMessage.

So, just bind a function to the background_color message and adjust your border color accordingly.

Something like this, I expect:

wp.customize('background_color',function( value ) {
    value.bind(function(to) {
        jQuery('whatever').css('color', to ? to : '' );

Obviously, change the jQuery call in the middle to adjust whatever you're trying to adjust.

Some of the basics I didn't cover, such as hooking that JS into the previewer and such, are here:


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It's working...of course it was the one setting I seemed to not try. (I even tried backgroundcolor!) Thanks so much for this and the incredibly helpful tutorial! – Jonathan Thornton Jun 29 '13 at 2:56

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