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I have developed a site www.mainsite.com based on Ruby on Rails hosted on Heroku. I have also developed a blogging site based on Wordpress at blog.mainsite.com hosted on Dreamhost. I want our users to interact with www.mainsite.com/blog instead of blog.mainsite.com. I have each site function correctly, and the DNS setup correctly. I also set up reverse proxy in Rails to route traffic reverse_proxy /^/blog(/.*)$/, 'http://blog.mainsite.com$1', opts={:preserve_host => true}

Most of the time it work. After I messed with the permalinks and restored it, now in Wordpress, whenever I upload a media file (image), it always sends me to www.mainsite.com/wp-admin (404) instead of www.mainsite.com/blog/wp-admin. What is the problem?

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On the admin panel, under Settings -> General Settings, make sure the "WordPress Address (URL)" and "Site Address (URL)" are correct. Also, check out the Wordpress StackExchange.

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