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Hey guys, i did a mistake on a wp site, i uploaded a wrong wp-config.php file on the server during a 3.1 update, saw the mistake, recreated a good one with the good infos, uploaded the file and didnt get back the site! Now wordpress askes me to install it! Which i dont want to, cos it's all already installed. I backuped the database and checked it online, it's all fine, with for exemple the good infos for 'home' and 'url' tables.

If anyone knows what's going on (the install question) and i could get it back, it'd be more than welcome (am kinda stressed a lot now).

Second question, if i do reinstall it, will it crash the existing datas in the database?

EDIT: i checked the english version which is on the same database on the same server, site.com/en, it works fine.

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make sure that the config file is named wp-config.php – Bainternet Feb 25 '11 at 17:02
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Got it back, the $table_prefix line was wrong in my wp-config.php. Fiu.

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