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My shopping cart displays the order history on the last page the customer visited. For example, www.someurl.com/item1 is the last page the customer visited before checkout. An order confirmation email is sent with a link to that order as well as the customers entire order history. The link address is www.someurl.com/item1/#!/~/orderConfirmation.

I would like my header to read "item1" on www.someurl.com/item1, and "history" on www.someurl.com/item1/#!/~/orderConfirmation.

I am using Wordpress 3.5.2 with a twenty-twelve child theme

Can this be accomplished? Any help is greatly appreciated

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"Header" can mean different things to different people, write or wrong. What exactly do you mean? What shopping cart do you use? – s_ha_dum Jun 27 '13 at 17:44

I got to work. I don't know if it's the most efficient method, but this is what I did: Also, for whatever reason I couldn't get it do display my header (custom page title) when I declared the variable within the same script. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, but please keep in mind I'm an old Cobol programmer. I have trialed and errored my way through this website.

var myurl=document.URL; if (myurl == "http://URL/alabama-jumpers/#!/~/orderConfirmation") {null} else if (myurl == "http://URL/alabama-jumpers/#!/~/orders/offset=0") {null} else {document.write("Alabama Jumpers")}
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