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I am using two plugins which work well together. In fact one is s2memeber so I can have a members area, the other is called affiliate pro so I can use referrals to fill up the members area. However, I am not paying these affiliates. My system is set up as a free system of which we use an external platform to register with and earn from.

What I am having issues with is an affiliate entering his username from the external platform into a custom profile field(in my platform) so that it can be pulled and placed at the end of a link of the affiliates who he brings into my platform. Does that make sense?.

In fact it would be usefull to be able to pull in any of the fields and not just custom ones, ie name, username, custom, email.....

Im sure at some point somebody here has seen this before. You join something online and it says "your sponsor is ........" and "their email is........"

Now, the affiliate pro comes with shortcode to do this but is all cookie based so after you register, you see your sponsors info pulled in via shortcode, but then it changes to your own after you click one of the affiliate links which belong to yourself in your office area.

I know Im close after much messing about. I am trying to alter the custom s2member stuff and other custom field plugins to see if I can still use the affiliate pro links to pull new affiliates in but then once in the data is then pulled from the database?! not sure if Im looking at it right.

Anyway, any help would be hugely appreciated as I am against the clock and losing sleep lol :) cheers.

I saw this thread here and thought that somebody may be able to help as I feel it is similar. Echo user id of users in seperate table

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