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I've a hard time implementing the custom primary menu behaviour.

I've already:

  • Created a custom post type: products that has a custom taxonomy: product_category associated with it.

  • Activated and implemented Taxonomy Meta plugin to have the possibility of adding a category image for the product_category taxonomies

The thing I want to achieve is:

  • After manually inserting each product_category taxonomy under the Product page in primary menu editing page in admin side, instead of just showing the name of the taxonomy in the client side, I want the menu to show the name, description and the image

Now, I know there's is a description field in the menu editing page, but what I want is to have that description come from the taxonomy description. Just like the image.

How to customise the primary navigation to show taxonomy description (not the menu item description) next to it's name? How can I get access to that taxonomy description?

Side note
I've created a child theme of Twenty Thirteen but haven't touched any of it's functions or menu handling thing etc.

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