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I'm using this code in functions.php to load https on my events-manager pages:

function my_em_force_ssl( $template ) {
    if ( ! is_ssl() && em_is_event_page() ) {
        wp_redirect( str_replace( 'http:', 'https:', get_permalink() ) );

    return $template;

add_filter( 'template_redirect', 'my_em_force_ssl', 10 );

Is there a way to unload or revert back to http when leaving those pages?

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Not tested, but give it a shot:

function my_em_force_ssl() {
    if ( ! is_ssl() && em_is_event_page() ) {
        wp_redirect( str_replace( 'http:', 'https:', get_permalink() ) );
    } elseif ( is_ssl() && ! em_is_event_page() && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] === 'GET' ) {
            str_replace( 'https:', 'http:',
                    $_GET, site_url( $GLOBALS['wp']->request )

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'my_em_force_ssl', 10 );

And a heads up, template_redirect is an action, so no need to accept & pass back params :)

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Thanks man, that worked like a charm :) Now I just need to figure out a way to load the images https and other site elements.. awesome! – neptune_surf Jun 24 '13 at 20:52

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