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I think i am missing something glaringly obvious here: I am trying to include the pruchase note in the customer-completed-order.php so the customer recives the note along with the pruchase confirmation. but i am failing miserably. here is what i have tried:

    <?php echo '<div class=\"product-purchase-note\">'.  $purchase_note .  'PURCHASE NOTE</div>'; ?>

and this

        $purchase_note = get_post_meta( $_product->id, '_purchase_note');
                    echo '<div class="product-purchase-note">' .  $purchase_note . '</div>';

and this:

        $purchase_note = get_post_meta( $_product->id, '_purchase_note', true)) :
                    echo '<td class="product-purchase-note">' . apply_filters('the_content', $purchase_note) . '</td>';

and this:

    <?php       if ($order->status=='completed' || $order->status=='processing') {
                if ($purchase_note = get_post_meta( $_product->id, '_purchase_note', true))
                    echo '<div class="product-purchase-note"><div>' . apply_filters('the_content', $purchase_note) . '</div></div>';
            } ?>

nothing seems to work.... it shows up on the order-received page but will not show on the order confirmed email. Any help is much apricated I am also open to some other method to get the note to the client upon purchase. such as custom meta values maybe?? Chris

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Can you post some context code (bits before & after your mod)? Just so we can see what other variables & properties are available. – TheDeadMedic Jun 22 '13 at 5:27
github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/blob/master/templates/emails/… is the whole document, thank you for taking interest. – vimes1984 Jun 22 '13 at 9:55
And around which line number in that file are you trying to add your code? – TheDeadMedic Jun 22 '13 at 22:52
ok I 've figured out that, document allready has the note coded in here: "email_order_items_table" it's retriving that value from class-wc-order.php. where it set's it out in an array, I have finally made it appear but only when it's set to plain text. – vimes1984 Jun 23 '13 at 10:05

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