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Hello can anybody help me to return "multiple" Custom Post Types in this snippet? I would like to use 3-5 other custom post types and I can't get it work.

The snippet above for ONE custom post type works, the snippet below for multiple custom post types doesn't.

add_filter( 'buddyblog_get_post_type', 'buddyblog_my_post_type' );
function buddyblog_my_post_type( $post_type ) {
    return 'portfolio';

I have tried this and several other snippets without a success:

add_filter( 'buddyblog_get_post_type', 'buddyblog_my_post_type' );
function buddyblog_my_post_type( $array ) {
    $array = array( 'post','portfolio' );
    return $array;
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Short answer, you can't.

Having had a quick look through the BuddyBlog code, everything expects the filter to return a single post type.

My only suggestion is to contact the author & request support for multiple post types, or take it upon yourself to make the adjustments (the joys of open source!).

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I am not familiar with PHP at all, so even I am not happy with this fact I gave you vote up for your quick and clear answer, I will contact Brajesh for multiple post types support. Thanks – Daniel Foltynek Jun 21 '13 at 6:15

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