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I'm running an instance of BuddyPress on an AWS ec2 instance. At first I could not uplaod any media to the server - originally all files were root:root. I changed the wp-content folder to apache:apache.

This made it possible to upload the files, but now when someone tries to upload and crop a BuddyPress avatar, the original file uploads to the directory - but after attempting to crop the image, the following error reads:

There was a problem cropping your avatar, please try uploading it again.

I've tried all sorts of user permissions, including 775 and 777. I suspect the problem is something related to AWS: in order to do anyting on the server, I always need to switch to the root user.

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Found out on a code level where this breaks down - at one point in the code it calls upon the php function file_exists($original_file). For some reason it works on my development server, but fails on the Amazon ec2 instance, even though I can see that the original file does indeed exist where it is purported to be. Anybody have any clue what would cause file_exist() to fail, even when the file is indeed in the place it is supposed to be? –  Nicholas Finch Jun 19 '13 at 23:41
You could comment out the test for file_exists... –  Steve Jun 20 '13 at 3:47

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