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Previously, in WordPress 3.0, multisites were managed through a Super-Admin section of the administration interface. The 3.1 update seems to have moved the administration of multisites to a new "Network Admin" section, which has a similar layout to the standard WP administration panels, but only contains options related to network administration.

This section, however, seems to be pretty similar to the old Super-Admin section. Has there been any additional network management features added, or is the Network Admin section just a separation of options?

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Basically they moved Super Admin menus and related pages out of the regular admin and into a new Network Admin screen.

and the updates are:

  • Add contextual help for Network screens
  • Add delete support to network themes
  • Add plugin update notifications, plugin install, plugin update to the network admin screen
  • Admin Bar similar to that used in wordpress.com blogs (#14772)
  • Move network version of Tools->Network to the network admin
  • Move theme installer to the network admin for multisite installs
  • Network Admin (#14435)
  • Network Wide Settings->Language Settings
  • New Network Admins page for Theme enable/disable/upgrade
  • Pass more information to notification filters
  • Rename Update menu to Updates in network admin
  • Revamp User-new.php including separate caps for adding users vs. creating users, allowing supes to add via email or username, split adding existing users and creating new users into separate forms
  • Support wildcard domains in WP_PROXY_BYPASS_HOSTS and WP_ACCESSIBLE_HOSTS
  • Tabbed interface for site editing
  • User Admin feature creates a separate "personal" dashboard to provide a single endpoint for accessing profile information, cross-site preferences, a launching point for accessing all of a user's blogs, collation of stats across all of a user's blogs, a place for a multisite aware quick press, etc. (#14696)
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