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I have two custom taxonomies: Brand and State

If I'm viewing the "Browse States" page, I'm wanting to use wp_list_categories() to list all the states (I can do this). The urls for each State being listed should be:


If I'm viewing the "Browse Brands" page, I want to use wp_list_categories() to list the brands with urls like:


Now, if a state is chosen already, I want the urls to display:


Once both a brand and a state are in the URL, I'll display a page which lists entries in that brand and state combination.

Basically, I'm needing help with the following points of my above description:

  1. Setting up the custom URL rewriting for browse/state-slug/brand-slug using WP's built-in functions
  2. Editing the wp_list_categories() function to display the correct URLs (using a walker).
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