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That might be a long shot, but I though I should give it a chance.

I am using WordPress Popup in order to show a popup when a user lands on specific pages on the website. You create a popup and you can exclude it from showing up on specific URLs. I have a Deals website and I don't want the popup to show on cart's page. The problem I'm facing is that the page has a dynamic URL and it looks like this: 'http://domain.com/cart/?add_to_cart=329'

I have tried the following ways to write it down:

  1. http://domain.gr/cart/
  2. http://domain.gr/cart/?add_to_cart=/
  3. http://domain.gr/cart/?add_to_cart=%/
  4. http://domain.gr/cart/?add_to_cart=?/
  5. http://domain.gr/cart/?add_to_cart/

Any ideas on how I can handle this?

Thanks in advance for any help! I'm desperated here! :)


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Within the javascript file the developer calls a method when the page loads.


This methods calls another method.

function po_selectiveLoad() {       

If you replace it with this

function po_selectiveLoad() {
        var urlString = new String(window.location.href);
        if (!urlString.match(/\/cart\//)) {

Of course this is not good because you will need to modify the plugin files.

I am not sure if the developer has provided the option of preventing a pop up based on a phrase or word contained within the url, i installed the plugin and did not see an option.

It may be a feature of the plugin the developer will implement at a later date or you can ask. Hope this helps.

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that did it! Thank u! BTW I don't see any option in the plugin to prevent the popup from showing based on a phrase or a word. I guess it would be a good idea to suggest it to the developer. Thank u again for the help! – kat_indo Jun 18 '13 at 9:22
no worries, if it worked mark as answer thanks – thirdOctet Jun 18 '13 at 11:09

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