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I'd like to capture basic analytics (page views, visitors, time on site, etc.) across all of the sites in our network while also allowing users to install the analytics software of their choice. The network contains sites on a subdomain of a primary domain, as well as custom domains.

What's the best analytics tool for this purpose? Ideally, it would be just one analytics tag that could be installed across an arbitrary number of domains and subdomains. I'd prefer not having to register each domain by hand.

Update 9/11: I've installed Quantcast for the time being, and I think it will do the trick, but a more full-featured tool would be awesome.

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Try Piwik. It runs on your own webspace, and you can give limited access to other users.

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We're the group behind a a plugin called Tallyopia. It's an analytics package that integrates with WordPress, and has multisite support.

Tallyopia is a hosted analytics package, freeing you from having to worry about managing analytics databases and disk space for your sites. Its reports are directly integrated in the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Once the plugin is installed, the admins for each site can view various analytics dashboards and a real time monitor for their own sites. The super admin can view analytics for the main site as well as view a live monitor showing real time activity on all the sites in the network.

It's also worth noting that this can be used with multiple independent WordPress blogs, with or without Multisite.

Take a look at our site: http://tallyopia.com/

And feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions.

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