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I've set up some admin pages using add_sub_menu() and whenever I add an additional querystring variable beyond the "page=" portion of the URL, I get a "Cannot load 'page-slug'." message. When I remove the every variable the page loads correctly. Here is my add menu code:

  __( 'Post Types - Add', 'plugin-slug' ),

If I browse to:


it works fine. But browsing to:



Cannot load content-toolkit-posttypes-add.

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You're recieving this error because WordPress notices the post_type query argument and that sampletype is a valid registered post type, and thinks you're on an edit page. Try using a different query arg then post_type.

Note that admin.php?page=plugin-slug-posttypes-add&post_type=thisisnotaposttype and admin.php?page=plugin-slug-posttypes-add&foo=bar will both work fine.

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I didn't realize using that specific variable name would affect it. Thanks! – hereswhatidid Jun 15 '13 at 14:10

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