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I'm not sure of the appropriate descriptive terms for what I'm trying to do, so apologies if this is a repetitive question.

I'd like to insert references into my page content that will update itself when the reference does. An example might make this clearer - I have a page called 'Projects' with sub-pages 'Project-detail' providing more information on each project. Each 'Project-detail' page has a "Contact XXX" line at the end of it. XXX being the contact persons name.

I'd like to link this XXX to somewhere I can manage the links. So if a person leaves the company, XXX can be altered in one place and be reflected in each page.

So basically a one-many relationship through wordpress pages. In an ideal world, this would be a plugin so all links could be managed in one place.

Thanks for any help!

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Plugin recommendations are off-topic here. If you wish to build something like this yourself, the Shortcode API could be a place to start. –  Milo Jun 13 '13 at 23:48
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