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I need to be able if this is possible, (i am a newbie at this so please take that into consideration)

I want to create a Wordpress shortcode that will add an automated gallery of the contents in a folder. I am currently trying to implement this to a site that publishes 12 annual magazine issues, so what this would do, is as soon as a new PDF and JPG is dropped into a folder, then it would be displayed on that specific gallery.


Jan - Dec Months need to be displayed, in a 4x3 or 6x2 grid gallery
If we are in june, and the latest issue is june, then only 6 jpgs would be displayed.

This way the client doesn't need to make any modifications in wordpress site, just drop the files to a specific folder via FTP, and the wordpress php function would auto populate the gallery according to what its able to fetch from that folders content.

unfortunately, this plugin is close but not god enough...as it does not read the contents of folders that sit outside the wp uploads folder, and we dont want to migrate the existant folder structure inside wordpress install folder.

I also need it to open the links in a new window to the PDF of the magazine, and not a larger version of the picture in fancybox.

Help :S

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You may be able to integrate the ImgBrowz0r class which does read the contents of a directory and creates a gallery of preview images in a grid layout. –  RyanLoremIpsum Jun 11 '13 at 1:20
Is there a ImgBrowz0r plugin outhere i can just grab? i am pretty new when it come to php –  Fred Jul 3 '13 at 18:53

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Looks like this plugin will do the job for you.


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