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Using this code to get my options

echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_4');

Using the options framework from http://www.wptheming.com

I have 8 options set up using the above tag like

echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_1');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_2');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_3');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_4');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_5');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_6');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_7');
echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_8');

I want to display only 4 at a time and have them on random. Anyway to do this?

I should add the entire code looks like this

<div class="box"> 
  <img src="<?php echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_image_1'); ?>" />
      <p><?php echo eh_get_option('eh_slide_text_1'); ?></p>

So it would also need to match the text with the image

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There's nothing WordPress-specific about this, just some simple php:

// generate an array of numbers
$numbers = range( 1, 8 );

// shuffle the array in random order
shuffle( $numbers );

// use the first 4 values from the randomized array of numbers
echo eh_get_option( 'eh_slide_image_' . $numbers[0] );
echo eh_get_option( 'eh_slide_image_' . $numbers[1] );
echo eh_get_option( 'eh_slide_image_' . $numbers[2] );
echo eh_get_option( 'eh_slide_image_' . $numbers[3] );

If you have a lot of markup to repeat, you can output things in a loop:

$numbers = range( 1, 8 );
shuffle( $numbers );
for ( $i = 0; $i < 4; $i++ ) {
    echo eh_get_option( 'eh_slide_image_' . $numbers[$i] );
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This does not include anything about eh_slide_text – Noob Theory Jun 8 '13 at 22:01
just copy/paste the line that outputs the image and change 'eh_slide_image_' to 'eh_slide_text_' – Milo Jun 8 '13 at 22:04

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