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Suppose I am writing a post and want to highlight only a couple of characters: like this. How can I achieve this?

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HTML language includes a special tag for displaying inline code. To apply it to your text, switch to the 'Text' visual editor tab and place the <code> tag before your bit of code, and the </code> tag afterwards.

If you want to use the backtick ` character for highlighting code like you do on Stack Overflow, check out this plugin by Tom McFarlin.

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thanks great answer.we should always answer in WordPress way if their any.I'm a newbie and learning how to answer on stackoverflow or solve a problem in wordpress way.thanks again. –  Ravs Jun 7 '13 at 12:37
@Ravs this is the best way for WordPress and everything overall. You shouldn't try and emulate a <code> tag by using a <span> tag. And shortcodes are not supposed to be used for plain HTML, that's what HTML is for –  bungeshea Jun 7 '13 at 23:55
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you can create a shortcode for this

function ravs_hightlight( $atts, $content=""){
  return '<span class="highlight">'.$content.'</span>';

paste above code in functions.php.

use shortcode in wordpress editer like

[highlight]test for hightlight short code[/highlight]

your html output like

<span class="highlight">test for hightlight short code</span>

give some css to .highlight class

Important Link:


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