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I have seen this question asked before but apparently it was not understood, so no answer was given. (collapse twenty twelve submenu in mobile version) I am using the twenty twelve theme with 7 main pages and many subpages. On the phone, the toggle menu button opens to reveal a long list of pages and sub-pages and it is very daunting. The question was if there was a way to collapse the sub-pages, like an accordian, so that only the top level pages showed-- and a toggle button could be put in place for each of the main pages, so they would open to reveal the sub-pages. In my opinion, and apparently in the opinion of many others, this is a crying need for the twenty twelve theme mobile version. Otherwise the theme is really not practical for a site with more than 4-5 pages. The other person who posted about this had some jQuery code that he said would do this, but he could not figure out how to keep it from breaking the normal version of the menu. I looked at the code, and had no idea how I should use it.If anyone can understand my question a little better, can you please help?

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This really is a duplicate, whether the other question has an answer or not: wordpress.stackexchange.com/q/95194/21376 –  s_ha_dum Jun 7 '13 at 3:47
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