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I'm getting a strange behavior and I'm hoping someone can explain the reason. I'm importing tags to the DB using a custom PHP script I wrote. The import is successful.

Then, I add tags to posts from the wp-admin and I open the post in the browser to make sure that the tag links work. So here comes the problem: only the tags with latin slugs open in the browser, the rest throw a 404 error.

The site is here: Link Please scroll down to where it says Tips and look beneith for the 3 tag examples I've added to the post: Ετικέτες: Δοκιμή1, Δοκιμή10, Δοκιμή3

The only one working is the 2nd one (Δοκιμή10), the others throw a 404 error. I cant tell why, it cant be a issue with the greek chars in the URL because all posts have greek in the URLs and they work fine.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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