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Basically, it should be a plugin that allows users to like different elements on the page: posts, comments and replies (bbPress).

Any suggestions?

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Try this plugin.

Its perfect, I personally build a custom plugin based on the add this API but they have a great plugin for people who arent tech savvy that give you alot of options.

Theres also a plugin called ShareThis which is a similar plugin i feel less functional but completely different company

Add this also allows you to record analytics which you can view on the addthis website.

Do a little google searching try phrases like:

Social Media Sharing on Wordpress Posts Wordpress Post Share buttons Social Media Plugins wordpress

or even search the wordpress plugin directory. There are hundreds of free options, and there are even some paid options that offer immensely powerful options from places like WPMU Dev that are very cost effective if you turn money off the plugin

Research a plugin called Kazooky, you can offer a system that people can sign up, earn points for sharing and liking your content, then you can offer real or digital rewards they can purchase with the points.

If you want the complete experience, hire a developer that can create you a plugin that is tailored specifically to your needs. Developers are generally found on freelance sites or on sites like digital point forums. Prices range from very little to big payments depending on the features you want.

But look at the freemium versions first you may find a plugin that suits your needs for absolutely nothing.

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