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I need "Page" info to post in my contact page using gravity forms (GF's aren't necessarily the issue, because it would post on my contact page if applicable)

I am creating a contact page and using Gravity Forms.

I need the page (the name of the page) they came from (using a button) to post on the contact page as a reference (the pages are the names of the states, so there are 50 options here). But I need that information to show up in the GF's field so I know it when I get the e-mail sent to me.

How? (Please be detailed, somewhat of a newbie here)

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Easiest way is with Dynamic Population. Add your "Page" field to the form, and tick "Allow field to be populated dynamically", then specify a nice unique name for the parameter name (e.g. larry_referrer_page or wpse_101172_referrer or something).

Then give your contact buttons on other pages a link that passes that to the form page, e.g.

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