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I just updated a plugin that needed to be updated. The issue is they added support for OAuth, the problem this plugin and another are using the same OAuth classes. Is there a easy way to fix this? I've never messed with OAuth or classes in PHP, I'm not a programmer.


PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1
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Your code probably looks like this:

class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 {



It should look like this:

if( ! class_exists( 'OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1' ) ) :
class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 {



This is more a PHP issue than a WordPress issue, but if multiple plug-ins include or require files that declare the same class with the same name, you'll get a collision. You only need to define the class once, then you can instantiate it as many times as you need in your multiple systems.

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Amd let's hope that the two classes are identical, not that one of them has a newer version or worse - two different implementations that use the same classnames! – Jan Fabry Feb 22 '11 at 23:07

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