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I made a custom taxonomy called - work-category and a template file for it called - taxonomy-work-category.php. That part work just fine.

For a purpose I did put get_page_template() in that taxonomy-work-category.php file to get the current template file name. But it does print out as page.php (with full path ofcourse). I was expecting it to print out taxonomy-work-category.php.

Even when I'm certain it is printing out from a custom taxonomy template file - Why doesn't get_page_template() function doesn't returns the taxonomy template file name?

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get_page_template returns the template of the current active post/page. You're not on a post/page though, you're in a listing/archive.

When you get page.php what you're seeing is the template of the first post/page. The taxonomy listing itself is not a page, it's a listing, and so it makes no sense for it to have a page template, as it is not a page.

See here for an answer that should do what you want:

get name of the current template file

this may also work:

/* show me what the body class will look like */
echo body_class() . "\n";

/* make sure i've got $template */
global $template;

/* print the active template path and filename */

( Although why check if you're in template X inside template X, surely the answer will always be yes? )

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