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I need to add a count number to a option menu item in the admin sidebar. How is this done?

I found a similar post:

Modifying admin sidebar contents to show pending posts indicator

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If you mean like this enter image description here

Then here is an handy class to get it done very quickly:

* add_num_to_admin_menu
* @author Ohad Raz <admin@bainternet.info>
class add_num_to_admin_menu
    public $menus = array();
     * Class constructor
     * @author Ohad Raz <admin@bainternet.info>
     * @param array $args menu => number format
    function __construct($args = array()){
        if (!is_admin())return;
        $this->menus = $args;
        add_filter( 'add_menu_classes', array($this,'_Add_num'));
     * the actual function that adds the number to the menu
     * @author Ohad Raz <admin@bainternet.info>
     * @param  array $menu admin menu
     * @return array
    function _Add_num($menu){
        foreach ((array)$this->menus as $name => $number) {
            // loop through $menu items, find match, add indicator
            foreach( $menu as $menu_key => $menu_data ) {
                if( $name != $menu_data[2] )
                $menu[$menu_key][0] .= " <span class='update-plugins count-$number'><span class='plugin-count'>" . number_format_i18n($number) . '</span></span>';

        return $menu;
     * Add a number to a menu
     * @author Ohad Raz <admin@bainternet.info>
     * @param string $menu  menu to add the number to
     * @param int $number number to add
    function addMenuNum($menu,$number){
        $this->menus[$menu] = $number;


//create an instance of the class
$obj = new add_num_to_admin_menu();
//add a number to a menu node
//repeat as many times as needed
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