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In wordpress is it possible to have different widgets on different pages,

I mean, I am having a form widget which has to be just displayed on posts page, it should just display on single.php

Is this possible? Is their any plugin for this?

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Hi @ntechi:

Look at the plugin Widget Logic.

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Thanks this worked – ntechi Feb 23 '11 at 5:32

The plugin is called just like your Question title. ;-)

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There are two options:

  • Have a number of different sidebars in your theme. You will need to register your sidebar, and then call the sidebar from one of your template files.
  • Install a plugin such as Widget Logic.

You can also use a combination of these methods when you need to manage sets of widgets over a variety of different areas.

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Well, I may be wrong, but why can't you just create different sidebars for single and posts page? That's easier and doesn't require plugins.

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